Rescuing & restoring vintage manual typewriters for this generation and the next, no WiFi password required.

Teipiadur was started out of my garage and, like all great "start-ups", led to the best job of my life.  Simply put (and to avoid being labeled a hoarder), I decided to share my obsession.
I joined the "Typewriter Revolution" officialy.  I began to clean, service and repair my typewriter collection and put them up for sale with the goal of re-introducing these wonderful machines back into the lives of others.  
Typewriters are a balm for the stress of the digital world.  
~ They require no passwords, no charging cable, no electronic connection; they are impervious to power outages and spilled beverages. 
~The creative flow positively gushes when writing on a manual typewriter:  No rabbit holes to fall into, no crashing, no blinking cursor and zero threat of hacking.  
Typewriters are the ultimate analog machine for the digital world.  
Join the Typewriter Revolution today, start your digital detox and TYPE OFF THE GRID! 
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