Past events

Nov 4 - Jan 31


You just got an extra hour back thanks to everybody's favorite time change: It only makes sense you should also enjoy FREE SHIPPING on the typewriter of your dreams. ALL LISTINGS at Teipiadur now have domestic shipping included in the cost. *Insert happy typer dance here* Use that extra hour wisely and TYPE OFF THE GRID on a truly wireless writing machine.

Oct 15 - Oct 31


Ready for NaNoWriMo? Join the phenomenon and get yourself a distraction-free writing machine in time for National Novel Writing Month in November. A manual typewriter is absolutely essential to help you focus and crank up your word count. Find the perfect machine for your masterpiece during this 2 week special Preptober sale!

Aug 23 - Sep 24

Fall's *MUST HAVE* Manual Typewriters!

As we head into Fall with its rituals of back-to-school, cooler days and turning leaves, it's time to get serious about putting words on the page. TEIPIADUR is here to help you *type off the grid*; write a manifesto, a great piece of fiction, chronicle a journey or take your correspondence to a deeply personal level. Check out some recent workhorses added just for this purpose and remember: Stay safe out there and Type Off The Grid!

Jul 31 - Sep 3

Bikini Season aka Ultra-Portable Typewriters fit for the Beach!

Being that it's the height of summer I'm focusing on *the bikini* of manual typewriters: the ULTRA-PORTABLE. Keep your eye on Teipiadur in the coming days as I add a few must-have ultra- portable travel typers just in time for glamping, digital detoxing or throwing shade. No matter your favorite summertime activity, these compact little beauties will assist you in journaling all of your summertime adventures OFF the GRID. Happy summer everyone and thanks for visiting Teipiadur.

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