Teipiadur Workshop

This one promises to turn the entire family into writers...

My shop assistant prefers the slotted screwdriver...

Yum! - petrified 1950's gum stuck on the bottom of this case.

This SMC Cougar looks pretty but is a mess inside...

...filthy little flea bag - this will take some serious work!

Sure looks pretty when she's all cleaned up and put back together tho...

Royal Eldorado, deconstructed and a pain in the arse to reassemble

Side profile of a Smith Corona Silent, a fine writing machine for the serious writer.

Very impressed with the portability and functionality of the Underwood 319 made by Olivetti

Took apart an Olympia SM7 recently... it wasn't pretty.

Olivetti Ventura, my preferred writing machine of the moment

Labeling each machine with make/model and serial number saves a heck of a lot of time.

Vintage typewriter ads are hilarious.

My first Torpedo, a beauty but ultimately incompatible with my QWERTY-only abilities.

Working on a pair of '53 Royals

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